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Download weather observations from SMHI's nationwide network of meteorological weather stations in Sweden

weather observations

Weather observations

Download weather observations from SMHI's nationwide network of meteorological weather stations in Sweden

Welcome to your trusted source for the most accurate and recent Swedish meteorological observations. We are dedicated to re-distributing weather data provided by SMHI, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute.1,2 Whether you are a professional needing accurate meteorological data for your work, or a weather enthusiast curious about weather and climate, our platform makes downloading weather data as easy as a button click.

For seamless integration of weather observations directly into your applications, our SMHI Open Data Delivery Subscription is the ideal solution: you get fast and convenient access to vast amounts of weather data, ensuring you have the most accurate and recent weather updates at your fingertips.

For customers seeking an effortless way to view, manage, and analyze weather data using a standalone desktop client, consider our SMHI Weather Stations Viewer. Designed with user-friendliness and functionality in mind, our meticulously crafted software allows you to browse through complex meteorological data with ease.

Do you need a custom solution or additional services? Reach out to us today! We are not just data providers, we are problem solvers. We understand that each user has unique needs and challenges, and we are ready to work with you to develop a tailored solution that perfectly aligns with your objectives.

Free trial: guest users may download data for up to 10 stations at a time at no cost!

We selected 3 random weather stations for you as a starting point. Remember to remove them before moving forward. Guest users can access 7 essential meteorological parameters, and users with our SMHI Open Data Delivery Subscription have the advantage of exploring an extensive set of 32 parameters, delving into a vast database that covers over 2,000 weather stations and contains a staggering 900 million datapoints. Additionally, we provide access to specialized categorical data such as prevailing weather, type of precipitation, cloud amount (at 5 different layers), and ground state. Tailored data delivery options are available upon request.




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With our SMHI Open Data Delivery Subscription, additional information for currently selected weather station will be shown here.

1 We build custom tools to automate data delivery from weather stations across Europe, offering a wider access to international weather observations data, weather forecasts, and derived measures.
2 The weather data is provided by SMHI. For more details please read the Terms of Use for our data delivery service.