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Embracing revolutionary advancements in AI and its applications to power trading

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence

Embracing revolutionary advancements in AI and its applications to power trading

Our mission is to harmoniously blend the remarkable capabilities of AI with the modern methods from data science, leveraging our experience in building advanced mathematical and statistical models and deep domain-specific knowledge of power trading.

We used to believe that AI does not outperform domain-specific, knowledge-based mathematical and statistical models, and that human competence and expertise cannot be replaced by brute-force guessing techniques. We have reconsidered our beliefs. Today, we firmly believe that integrating AI with our high-performance software and our custom data processing IT infrastructures can yield outstanding results, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in power trading.

In the landscape of complex real-world problems in power trading, we recognize that the power of AI is magnified when it is combined with human knowledge and guided expertise. The strength of AI is not in replacing human competence, but rather in augmenting it with existing tools and workflows.

Scientific literature debates the potential of AI against traditional models, yet these conversations often overlook the synergistic potential of integrating the two approaches. Our own experience suggests immense benefits of such fusion, especially in the realm of power trading: a thorough understanding of the underlying physical processes, combined with rigorous scientific research, use of data science and advanced mathematical and statistical models, and implementation of these models using high-performance algorithms in our software, is a key to success.

Harnessing AI and human expertise in power trading

We apply artificial intelligence and machine learning in contexts where we believe it offers superior results. For instance, in power trading, we have developed an AI-based wind power forecasting model, which we continuously refine as we learn more about the specifics of wind power generation and peculiarities of meteorological weather data. We also have our own genetic algorithm library to solve complex minimization problems that arise in power trading.

At the heart of our practice is to collaborate with AI and machine learning specialists*, together taking on challenging projects that require such specialized expertise. Yet, if we can leverage our domain-specific knowledge of power trading and data science, in which we hold a competitive edge and where AI is not necessary, we opt for developing "classical" mathematical and statistical models tailored specifically for our power trading solutions.

We ensure our clients are always on the cutting edge of technology, providing them with solutions that are not just technologically advanced, but also firmly grounded in a profound understanding of the demands and challenges raised by modern power trading markets.

* We collaborate with companies that specialize explicitly on AI and machine learning and have limited experience in power trading.

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