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System administration

We love working with data. This would not be possible without our own datacenter and without our custom IT infrastructure that we have built over the years. We spent thousands of hours choosing and assembling hardware, doing network administration, building storage systems, designing and deploying databases, configuring and administering VMWare ESXi hosts and installed operating systems.

We learned that everything runs significantly faster on a dedicated server, compared to renting a VPS from a large hosting service such as AWS, DigitalOcean, or Google. This is because VPS is, de facto, a virtual machine that runs in parallel with many other virtual machines on the same physical server. No big cloud hosting provider will allow their hardware to be idle - and hence an overhead that makes it slower, despite the specifications, and certainly more expensive, at least in a long run.

Most importantly, we enjoy having full control of everything we do: we store terabytes of data and have extremely fast database servers to be able to access the information quickly when we need it; we do CUDA computations on a dedicated server with high-performance NVidia GPUs; and we host all our critical services on our own servers.

Building a datacenter was an exciting and challenging journey, and we learned a lot about system administration and IT. We offer consulting and take assignments to build* custom cost-effective and high-performance IT infrastructures for data driven companies.

* And outsource or sell some of our IT solutions, saving years of work that it would take to develop it internally.

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