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Weather services

High quality weather forecasts are essential for power trading since they affect the accuracy of wind and solar energy production forecast models. We buy data from meteorological institutes and have spent thousands of hours developing our own IT infrastructure - a specially designed database for storing spatial meteorological data. Our database tables contain billions of rows of data for every meteorological parameter, yet we can perform database queries to retrieve historical weather forecasts and observations for any given location in a fraction of a second.

We re-distribute meteorological data and offer an API to access weather forecasts, observations, and derived measures:

  • Weather observations - 40 meteorological parameters from over 2,000 Swedish weather stations, containing a staggering 900 million datapoints and capturing over 100 years of historical weather data. Our platform provides access to the most recent near real-time measurements, updated every 1-3 hours, with a time resolution of up to 15 minutes. We offer tailored data delivery options to meet your needs!
  • Weather forecasts - between 20 and 61 meteorological parameters depending on the weather forecast model, at 2.2-2.5km resolution grid (more than 1,000,000 datapoints) over Scandinavia and Baltic countries.
  • Derived measures - wind and solar energy, and other specialized quantities (e.g. weighted average temperature over an arbitrary geographical area with respect to population density).

Working with meteorological data is not an easy task. One must process special binary format meteorological GRIB files that contain high-resolution grid data. The size of each of such files can reach 1.5GB, for each hour of meteorological forecast.

None of the available free GRIB processing software that we tested could deliver adequate decoding speed to be able to unpack such large amounts of data in a reasonable time. So, we developed our own GRIB data processing software that is multi-threaded, is written in C++, and utilizes wide range of optimization techniques to improve decoding speed. This enables us to process meteorological GRIB data almost instantly.

We are open for collaboration with meteorological institutes to enhance quantitative aspects of weather data processing and related services.

Our side products and services include evaluation of wind and solar site locations for profitability, and development of custom software focused on processing and visualization of meteorological data.

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